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a widely unknown type of community folk dance (at least among children/teenagers).

Simply explained as similar to square dancing, but the couples are arranged in lines. It's quite fun, actually, but no one would know it because no one knows of it.

Moves done throughout the dance include the do-si-do, hey, swing, circle to the left/right, star left/right, gypsy, ladies chain/curtesy turn, right-and-left through, promenade, etc.
Do you know what contra dancing is?

Uh... no?

No one does.
by nooneknowsit January 24, 2010
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Contra dancing is folk square dancing for the hippie population. It is a version of square dancing that attracts people who are hippies.
Want to go to contra dancing with me Thursday?
No way man, I don't want to dance with a hippie.
by Target Shopper July 26, 2010
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