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supreme goddess, and wonderful woman. Italian origin and translation of countess--a lady in her own right.
i love me some contessa.
by Rose Gibson June 26, 2004
A person who captures Your Attention when entering a room.
You Just can't take your eyes off Contessa!!
She's a Class all of her Own.

Strong Women.

Her Hair is Perfect, Flawless.
Olive Skin.
Hour Glass Full Figured Women

Genuine, kind to those who are kind to her.
Very Honest, Humble and Open
You can find her serving her community and volunteering

Her life is full of Riches
She has Traveled the World.
Loves to Sing and shes an Amazing Dancer
Born to Perform.

Look at Contessa

No one can get in her way of what she wants!!
by Lisa Erml February 07, 2014
sexiest girl alive, most amazing person in the world.
Contessa is cute and beautiful.
Contessa has a big heart and friendly to everyone.
by youruglylover December 30, 2015

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