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Something exemplified in the other two definitions for, "Conservative bias." Conservative bias, while not as unchecked as the liberal media might lead you to believe, is most present in Christian fundamentalist organizations, such as those owned by Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, and Gary Bauer, who donate millions each to members of the republican party.
Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh are often criticized for their apparent conservative bias, but this bias is also present in Michael Savage, Michal Medved, and Bill Bennet. The latter two are often overlooked due to the oversaturation of controversial conservatives in the media.
by to_kill_the_sun November 21, 2005
Something not nearly as proliferous as the raging liberal bias in the US media.
Liberals scream "Fox News!" when giving an example of conservative bias. Please. If conservatives yelled about CNN, ABC, CBS, PBS, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, Newsweek, Time and the New York Times half as much as the Left yells about Fox, even I'd get bored with them.
by tradesman June 01, 2004
Existent, but very rare.

Liberal dumbasses think that just because most television stations and other forms of media are run by EEEVIL corporations, then they must harbor some hidden conservative bias. If you actually did some research instead of believing everything you hear from shitty political punk bands, you would know that the executives of TV companies such as AOL Time Warner, Sony Viacom, and Knight Ridder all donate heavily to the Democratic party.

Book, Magazine & Newspaper companies donations to political parties:
Democrats: $3,816,049(67%)

Recorded Music Production donations:
Democrats: $976,102(83%)

Movie Production donations:
Democrats: $2,722,128(82%)

TV Production donations:
Democrats: $639,145(76%)

AOL/Time Warner, Sony, Viacom, Universal, Vivendi, NBC, ABC, Warner Brothers, and Disney all adamantly support Democrats over Republicans. The facts are all there. Or just keep believing everything George Soros spoon-feeds you.
by Dassh2 June 13, 2004
What liberals accuse any news outlet or commentator who disagrees with them of having (liberals usually deny the existence of liberal bias, since they like to think they're too open-minded to be biased). The term is most frequently directed at Fox News Channel, Rush Limbaugh, and anyone who shows even a hint of civility to Ann Coulter.

Some ultra-left commentators such as Amy Goodwin, Eric Alterman, and Noam Chomsky have tried to prove that mainstream media, widely known for its liberal bias, actually leans to the right, but mostly on the grounds that it doesn't lean as far to the left as they do.
"I never listen to talk radio. There's just too much conservative bias!"

"But if you don't listen, how would you know?"

"Uh, well. . . hey, here's my bus!"
by Gahmuret July 10, 2006
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