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connie lee is rad, well versed in how to be connie lee, clever and self sufficient.

if you happen to chance upon a connie in her native habitat do not talk to her about the weather.

she enjoys lady grey tea with unrefined sugar and consumes pho at least once a week.

often you will catch her laughing loudly with her head thrown back and her mouth wide open. feel free to join her in this merry activity.

rarely will you find connie lee without a hat on or her boat shoes.
ask her about her scars.

she will gladly teach you anything you'd like to know.

to pull a connie lee is to stop saying something in the middle of saying it with no intention of finishing the statement.
"yeah, that's what i a was thinking, too. how bout we go for the black cause the blue is a little"

"what. . . .?"


"dude, you just pulled a connie lee"
by notconnie August 08, 2012

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