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The art of jumping onto a coniferous tree (preferably in ur own back yard) and riding it as it falls from ur weight, to the floor. be wary of spiders hidden in the conifer if u have a fear of them and try to make sure the conifer is atleast 2 foot TALLER then urself (and dont over jump it). if u happen to be rather fat also be aware of the speed u will drop to the floor and if ur rather thin u may bounce back it helps if ur under the influence of alcohol, but i wudnt try drinking whilst jumping. If u have any neighbours that can clearly see u jumping on ur conifer dont forget to invite them to join, its guaranteed to win u plenty of friends. such act is also accociated with stair surfin and remember whatever u do, dont look back and never let go, happy jumping.
person #1:this party is boring hey have u got a conifer in ur garden?
house owner:yes why?
person #1:o no reason...
person #1:wanna go conifer jumping
person #2:sure!

the next day...

person #1:what happened my head hurts
person #2:i think u landed on ur head
person #1:doing what?
person #2:i dont remember...
by James AC August 29, 2006

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