Discussion of a confusing nature leading to general misinterpretation and seemingly random comments.
Fiona: Did get phished?
Pete: CLAMS!
Fiona: It seems I may have caused some confustion.
by House Of Fu August 27, 2008
Top Definition
1. Confusion and frustration. 2. A heated situation amongst well meaning people due to a breakdown in communication. 3. A breakout of fury from cultural animosities leading to war. 4. An accident by a senile person.
1. Talks at the UN often lead to confustion. 2. He loved his wife but she confusted him all to much when talking politics. 3. The teacher was great because he was patient with even the the most confusted students.
by Anthony .A. Hedayat January 10, 2005
Being so confused that you quite literally explode.

Portmanteau of confusion and combustion.
Aww man, my chemistry homework almost had my brain in a state of confustion last night.
by ch3mgrl May 29, 2009
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