used as an alternative to confused.
now im confusted
im confused and confusted
by bacchus July 26, 2004
Top Definition
in the state of being confused and frustrated.
pedro is confusted bc he doesn't know if his real name is jose or pedro.
by confustedemployee July 20, 2011
Confused and fustrated.
Trying to figure out chinese math has me confusted.
by Fatal Puppy August 26, 2009
A bitter, sour blend of feeling confused - and frustrated at your confusion - and feeling like you done just got busted in the face with a cold 40oz of MadDog.
Zilo walked down the block confusted that Pedro diss'ed his El Camino just because the lawn mower he hauls around in it doesn't match his rims.
by pat12345678910 July 21, 2011
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