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when you are on an encounter/date with a potential mating partner, to see if the possibility of carnal delights lay in your future, you may use light gestures of physical contact to check if that's even an option. the more touching, the better. in the culture of online dating, this has become an integral component.
BOY: 'hey, do you wanna check out some music after dinner?"

<insert confirmation touch>

GIRL: 'yeah, let's leave now, that would be so radtastic'

<insert returned confirmation touch>

BOY: "you are so hot, i really wanna see you naked later"

<insert confirmation touch>

GIRL: 'you are a scumbag, leave me alone bobby"

<no returned confirmation touch>


<insert confirmation touch>

GIRL: "that bassist bobby bananaz is so funny"

<insert returned confirmation touch>
by paulmaddthang March 22, 2012

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