Driving into a McDonald's drive-through and ordering one or more soft serve cones.
You pay for your soft serve cone(s) and then when you accept it, you pick it up from the icecream side instead of the usual "cone" side. This results in your hand covered in icecream and an extremely baffled McDonald's worker.
Variations can also be referred to as coneing or "cone-ing"
Man 1: "I was just coneing the other day, people thought I was retarded."
Man 2: "What's coneing?"
Man 1: "OMG, it's the new planking, go look it up!"
by ErC1123458 June 11, 2011
a prank where someone goes through a Maccas drive-thru and grabs their 50c cone by the top whilst keeping a straight face
this dumbass just came through the drive-thru and grabbed the top of his cone and drove off...i think he was cone-ing
by superWTFguy June 12, 2011
a.k.a. The New Planking
See: Alki Stevens

"Cone-ing" is a new pranking fad in which the pranker records himself ordering an ice cream at a restaurant through the drive-thru, and taking it from the worker by the ice cream, instead of the cone, and driving off before the worker can say anything.
I totally just ordered an ice cream cone and grabbed it by the ice cream. Cone-ing FTW!
by JJFresh814 June 09, 2011
The fad that is said to have replaced "planking", invented by comedian Alki Stevens. To cone, one must go through a fast food drive through and order a soft-serve ice cream cone, where he/she then proceeds to grab the cone from the ice cream side first.
Cone-ing will surprise the fuck out of the people that work at McDonald's.
by cmgk4.20 June 09, 2011
The activity consisting of pulling up to a drive-thru, ordering a cone, pulling up to the window and grabbing the ice cream part of the cone. Then drive away. All while keeping a straight face. Napkins are illegal in cone-ing
Jeff drives up to DQ and orders a vanilla cone. He pulls up to the drive-thru window and hands the lady the cash. As the lady hands him his cone he grabs the ice cream upside-down and drives off. Jeff has successfully gone Cone-ing.
by jharmer95 June 11, 2011
When cone-ing, you go through a drive thru, order an ice cream cone and while the worker is handing it to you, you crush the cone in your hand, leaving a mess on their counter and then you drive away.
My pay at Jack in the Box has been a lot better ever since people started cone-ing! Tons more ice cream cone orders everyday!
by edwardsvillian August 07, 2011
The game in which people search for traffic cones then use them to block off roads in the middle of the night. The point is to get the cone and block a road without being caught. The inocent driver then has to get out his/her car, remove the cone from the road before continuing down the targeted road.
"do you want to go cone-ing?"
"lets go cone-ing"
"i went cone-ing last night"
"have you ever been cone-ing?"
by cocacolaturtle May 20, 2008

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