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someone makes grandeur plans of drunken shennanigans with all of your friends only to bail last minute; usually accompanied by many excuses of erroneous responsibilities
Dude, you swore you would actually come out with us this time! Don't be such a condaddy!
by loyial parnassus April 23, 2010
Someone who is completely worthless in life. A condaddy is someone who fails at everything they do and can complete nothing in a single day. You skip classes and sit in a lazy boy all day saying you have done something productive that day when you really know you haven't done a damn thing. If you know a Condaddy then you realize the kid is completely worthless.
Hey man are you gonna go to class today?....No I'm gonna sit and watch tv....Damn kid you keep this up and your gonna end up being a condaddy!

Hey are you gonna quit drinking everyday and do something productive or are you gonna keep acting like a Condaddy!!
by thelegend9109 November 15, 2011
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