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also called CC. a mix of the towns Concord and Carlisle.

a high school about 20 miles away from Boston, MA. filled with kids who get excellent grades, who are also naturally good at athletics.

sports rivals: Acton-Boxborough (most sports) and Bedford (football).

most people think concord/carlisle is just filled with rich, snobby kids, but this is false. these kids are just like any other high school kids, and they should not be judged. they have problems, just like every other high school.

concord/carlisle participates in CHALLENGE DAY, which is a Be The Change movement.
"Wow, those Concord-Carlisle High School kids are such snobs!"
"You're just saying that because they kicked our ass on the SAT's and at that ski race last Thursday."
by freshmangirl March 18, 2008

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