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An unconvincing or ugly transvestite/ transexual
“You must be wasted ‘cus you just snogged a proper conchie”
by statsbadass July 22, 2009
conscientious objector during warfare.
e.g. "He was riddiculed during WWII for being a conchie."
by t8t February 07, 2008
conscientious. apparently was used by middle-agers when they were teens.
"she's sitting in the front row.. what a conchie."
by kirst21 November 06, 2007
a young man, who always talks about his feelings for a girl, but never has the balls to ask her out.
Guy 1: OMG that girl is hot. She's gonna be in my bed tonight
Guy 2: dude, you said that yesterday. Stop being such a conchie
by katharineoferagon November 04, 2011