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To be concerned, but in a more adjective like way.
The creepy man from the office, makes me all concernicus...therefore, I try to leave the break room whenever he warps in.
by the reflex October 27, 2005
a point of worry to where one freaks out;
a word derived from to many nights sitting up listening to and watching Dane Cook with stupid friends until you decide to sit outside Walgreens at 1 A.M.
Friend 1: "She's not here yet. I'm getting worried."
Friend 2: "She always does this to me!!! She just TRIES to make me concernicus!"
Friend 1: " Dude..chill out..."
by Godmother Moose July 10, 2008
to be concerned with a mideval accent
(from dane cook)

even now, at your job, there is a freak. there is a weird guy at every job that makes you concernicus every time he's around.
by RaWr_iLoveMuffins May 23, 2009
In reference to the famous philosopher and everyone's main man, Copernicus, this word has come to mean a serious feeling of being concerned, nervous, or downright apprehensive (especially in regards to the sexuality of Maggie's brother and the situations between Maggie and her awkward awkward encounters)
Whoa! That periwinkle shade of ball made me quite concernicus!
by TLex October 12, 2006
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