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A blow to the face with a fist.
He met conal.
by Kiwi. October 16, 2003
Extremely accident prone and a true freak of nature. Usually bears the mark of a swastika and always parkouring around random areas.
Cody: "Who's the freak here at the wedding? He just got lit on fire!"

Kam: "Oh that's just Conal."
by Hershel Orr May 23, 2013
A noun that describes an act such that the actor is not be able to constrain one's urinary urges and therefore runs to the side of a road or walkway or ditch and urinates.
e.g. to "pull a conal"

He was stuck in traffic for the next five miles before the nearest gas station, therefore he drove to the side of the road and pulled a conal.
by conal_observer May 28, 2010
(Hollers): Gobshite!
Conal: Yes?
by Bob July 24, 2003
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