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1. Part of a computer's case that separates the casing from the ground (usually made from rubber to isolate it from currents)

2. A case where a person has sensitive feet because they don't go outside much barefooted. The general reason would be that the person is a city-goer and spends allot of time on computers(not using feet) or barely takes of his/her shoes during the day.
Bianca: "Dude, my computer is busted! Everything around it is reacting to the static electricity!"

Joe: "Did you put the computer feet onto the bottom of the casing like I told you to last week?"

Bianca: "No, sorry....Didn't think a computer needed feet!"

Hiking trip on a rocky mountain- mountaineers taking a dip at a pool of water.
John: "OUCH! I think I stepped on a sharp rock."

Mike: "It's barely an inch. Stop complaining, your feet are just not use to the terrain."

Mike's dad: "He he- you must have computer feet"
by SamuraiMonkey June 25, 2010
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