It's a big box with a screen hooked up to it. It has a clicky-thing and a board with letters on it. It's good for looking stuff up on and playing with when bored.
I gots me a compruter now so I can get on that Myspace program.
My boss told me to get a compruter so I can email my work home.
by Moe Jillionaire February 15, 2007
Top Definition
ghetto for computer.

used in OutKast's song: "Drinkin' Again Interlude"
Mama got me an Apple compruter for Christmas.
by DetroitHo May 26, 2008
Computer... ya know, that thing with the stuff you don't quite understand.

Adapted from the asian word for "bottomless box of pornography"
I run Windows 2k on my compruter... that's right I said compruter. BETTA AXE SUMBODY!
by Dave December 01, 2004
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