An insult that seems like a compliment until you think about it.
Example: Person 1: Did you cut your hair? It looks nice, although there's a lot of gray in it.

Person 2: Um, thanks.

People who like to use complisults are usually people who have no clue, are narcissists, have no social skills or tact, or they just feel threatened and insecure, i.e., lizard- titted middle- aged menopausal women who are attention grabbing twits.
by ponylovr June 11, 2010
when something is a compliment AND an insult, at the same time. ;)
*Talking about an ugly person*
Friend 1: "Don't worry, you're not as ugly as her"
Friend 2: "Oh, thanks."
Friend 3: "That was a complisult..."
Friend 1: "Oh yeah..."

"You can do much better than him!"
(That is a complisult because they are saying that the girl deserves more, but they are insulting her boyfriend at the same time.)
by LBuff June 24, 2010
Simply enough, it's complimenting someone, while at the same time, insulting them.
Frankie, your not gay. But your damn good at pretending. That's a Complisult.

by Bsull November 02, 2006
It is a mix between a compliment and an insult. You are complimenting someone and insulting them at the same time.
Your but is so big it could be used as a landing stripe
by Charles James April 12, 2004

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