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Figuring out how to get a piece of computer software to do something you want. The implication is that the task to be accomplished is simple, but ends up taking much longer - perhaps the manual is missing or unclear, filled with drivel - or, worse, written using a Wiki. Usually this compfiguration must be performed at an inconvenient time, with other deadlines pressing. For instance, often searching for how to change something that you *know* amounts to altering a single software variable can turn into a major compfiguration nightware. Once a simple change takes longer than 20 minutes, it is called a *compfiguration exercise*, and normally lasts between two and eight hours for the average badly written application such as Apache, up to days for monstrosities like Sendmail - or even weeks in the case of some Windows changes, where not only does the final configuration matter - but in fact the *order* in which the configuration was issued.
"I've just spent the last 4 weeks compfiguring this damn exchange server and it still doesn't work!"
by kungfuftr October 01, 2003
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