Contraction of Computer Science, refers to both the subject itself and a student of the discipline; the latter being the more popular usage. Synonymous with geek. Also loser. Features include wearing glasses, bad posture, extreme endo- and ectomorphism and hairy palms from too much flogging on
Chettz isn't your average compsci. He doesn't kiss like a compsci.
by maaaate November 04, 2004
Top Definition
Short for Computer Science. the study of programming computers.
Comp sci class is hard.
by 5'11"Racer November 17, 2006
(komp-skee) - an individual who studies computer science. ALSO a way of life. An adept of the Compsci style of living is a lazy person who is never seen outside of their comfort zones (bedroom, bath robe). They may suffer from fear of light, and are prone to spending long hours watching anime, playing pc games or reading sci-fi. They also get away with putting as little energy as they need into everything they do.
Person 1: "Hi Compsci!"
Compsci: "W00T W00T, L33T L33T. I just upgraded my level 69 staff of penetration"
Person 1: "I upgraded your mum last night, to first class!"
by Ronald Johansson May 18, 2008
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