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Slang for compensation, used for when an establishment such as a resteraunt or hotel gives one something free.
A: "The T.V. didn't work so the hotel comp'd our room!"
B: "Sweet! What'd you do with the money?"
A: "...Bought manga."
B: Bleedin' Otaku!
by Loki May 26, 2005
To have something provided free of charge. It originates from complementary benefits.
When the bartender gave us the wrong drinks, he replaced them with the right ones and comp'd us a second round.
by Arch_wiki September 06, 2010
In DJ parlance, a once-obscure song that has since been sampled or featured on a mass market compilation or reissue has been comp'd, i.e., it is no longer obscure because it has been brought into mainstream attention via cultural recycling.
I was going to sample a dope break I discovered on a private press 7", but then I realized that it had already been comp'd on a DJ Shadow mix.
by MarcelCraigB November 01, 2007
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