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worst fucking store ever , customer service sucks , employees get treated like shit , management is a joke , and computers break easily so thats why they offer the extended warranty.
by comp usa sucks April 17, 2003
A place where employees are taught to be as mean to customers as possible.
Comp usa is like Pop Copy from Chappelles Show
by jeph da 5 9 October 15, 2006
(n.) someone AND anyone who eats 'compota' (Gerber baby food) out of dirty vaginas

Special Note: Derived from CompUSA, it sounds really offensive in Cuban Spanish. And basically everything in Cuban slang sounds offensive.
Fulanito X: "Meng, I love me some compota."

Fulanita Y: "I bet you like dirty vaginas, too."

Fulanito X: "Ey, meng, punami is pumani."

Fulanita Y: "Wow, you're such a compusa."

Fulanita Z: "Hey! My vagina is clean!"
by Estoy de madre! June 12, 2009
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