A crappy educational institution where virtually anyone can enter. Pretty much any nutcase or dumbass can join. Most people in community colleges are butthurt wannabe SJWs that are ultra politically correct to the point of retardation, but however, people such as rednecks, hillbillies, racists and other morons can also join.
Community colleges are infested with SJWs, rednecks with low IQ scores and other atrocities.
by Wahrsager350 August 17, 2015
A place where one supposedly furthers his educational prowess after High School and at the end can receive either an AA degree or transfer to a 4-year university. These places can be nice but the majority of them are pretty terrible. They allow virtually anyone into the schools, even if the people are members of the Westboro Baptist Church, the Ku Klux Klan, members of cults such as Scientology, or uneducated, uncultured rednecks. They seriously can't turn anyone down since most of these places are located in politically correct places that's filled to the core with morons.
A community college is a place where the majority of lazy people, insane people and stupid people can be found mostly congregating and these places allow anyone into admission. Being in these places can cause your IQ to drop.
by Digital Preacher December 29, 2014
A lower education which 1.5 million students in the U.S. attend. You can earn a useless associate degree and become a college loser and earn a bad paying job. Also students from around the world attend. Community college professors lack real world experience and some have graduated from the least prestigious University's in the states. Most community college's are even worse than some University's in terms of professors, cost, class size, and learning environment.
" A Community College student has two worst selling unpublished books, a passport without stamps from around the world. His real life world experience and knowledge was because he got a poor education at a Community College."

"A person who attends the most prestigious University right after high school has just bought out Google."
by college man586937 May 07, 2009
A type of school that deserves school shootings to happen because nobody gives a rat's ass about somebody earning a pathetic Associate's degree. Remember kids, you can't spell Assoicate's without Ass. It is also a place which gives falsified credit which does not really transfer to a real state or private university. Typically, they trick prospective students into thinking other schools will accept credits, but those other schools will not. It is a punishment to those students who have not attended a university directly after high school.
Joey: I attended a community college to earn some transfer credit during two years. When the time to transfer came a long, no university accepted the credits, so I did another two years to complete an Associate's degree. No employer wanted to hire me. Then, I started from scratch at a university to put in another 4 years of my life.
Rachel: That's horrible. You were 26 when you graduated with your Bachelor's degree! Community college was a real bitch to you!
Joey: Yea, it was.
by friendsfan2010 January 17, 2010
A cheaper alternative for a standard 4 year college for the ones that just want to get in there and get a decent job and have about 13 kids when they are done. They are more focused on being the Duggars with massive families than just getting laid with a bunch of chick while still being "single".

The classes are usually more straightforward and there are a lot of classes that could get you started to the "real" college life and there are just these classes like nursing and information technology that could get you a decent job to put food on your massive families.

You don't have to be as bright to be in a community college, but they have apartments, not dorms, because they are more focused on the "real world." and the classes are more conservative-right winged and actually mention God.
Typical college student: Party, party, get laid, get drunk, fail philosophy test

Community college student: Take a criminal justice type class, find a chick, get married, and have 2 dozen kids.
by Kyle 230 July 29, 2009
A place where you can get college credit for less money and then transfer over to a real college after you complete a bunch of required courses and then you get your degree.
Dumbass: "Pshh, community college is for dumb people, I go to a state school"

Smart Community College Student: "I'm getting the same credit for way less money, good luck with all that extra owed money on loans dipshit."
by tony acuna's mom February 20, 2008
College for dumb bitches who couldn't survive in real colleges. Go back to high school you dumbass.

Community College, it's easier than regular college!
Yo niggah, highschool was so hard, but now that I'm unemployed and going to a community college things are easier than ever.
Niggah 1: Yo I thought college was going to be hard
Niggah 2: Niggah please, you go to a community college, you ain't shit.
Niggah 1: (Shanks Niggah #2 dead)
by Shankmasta November 26, 2006
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