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Derived from, and similar in meaning to punchcard and community cum dumpster, but usually more emphatic. A punchcard in its original meaning was a piece of paper with a certain number of marked spaces representing a benefit, usually a meal or transit ride. When it was used up ("all its holes punched"), it was discarded.

"Community punchcard" is almost always applied to girls and women who are promiscuous to an extreme; rarely applied to boys or men outside the gay community.

Among musicians, a term applied to a groupie who stays in one city and sleeps with band members and crews as they come through.
1) "He married her? Shit, she's just a community punchcard!"

2) "She came to class with a trickle of cum on one leg. She is such a community punchcard."

3) "When the band stopped in Honolulu all the roadies would bang Wanda, she was the community punchcard."
by dave July 04, 2004
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