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Communications is a jock major, which is to say that it is a very easy major for college students who want to drink and party and sleep around more than they want to learn and better themselves. Communications majors typically end up doing generic office jobs at best.
"Yeah, the 'rents are forking out the $32,000 a year, not me, so I don't see why I shouldn't just get buzzed and major in communications!"
#major #easy #jobless #homeless #university #college
by CaptainFoofoo April 04, 2009
Person A emits verbal tones in the form of sentences while Person B utilizes sense of hearing to transmit exact words to brain which in turn, re-creates the sentence to fit their own agenda and re-emits into a new and improved, yet rarely accurate, statement.
"What are the chances of us getting together, say 1 in 100?" He smiles
"More like 1 in 1,000,000." She grimaces
"So, you're saying there's a chance" He Grins
by Maria B & Heather V April 24, 2004
Something upper management preaches about but refuses to use.
Employer: Frank, you seem to be lacking in communication with the other employees.
Employee: name is Norm... I will work on that.
#articulation #corresponding #talking #declaration #notifying
by rvdumper July 25, 2012
carrier pigeon
phone call
owl mail
air writing
birthday card
xmas card
post it note
air mail
sea post
regular mail
sms message
video call
video message
chinese whispers
look at that owl, replacing more traditional methods of communication such as carrier pigeons way before ink and email and phones were invented.

lets send our mail by air and sea. airs faster!!
#methods #commune #talk #speak #random
by Erinxoxo October 29, 2007
The act of bestowing, imparting or revealing: correspondence: a connecting passage or channel: means of giving information: a means of transporting
Frank and Stephanie, a modern couple, had no trouble with communication in their relationship, as the two shared daily venting sessions.
#conversation #share #technology #impart #reveal
by fearless.female13 November 28, 2011
something tumblr citizens dont understand
I did not understand the ways of communication.
#communication #talking #speaking #comunication #comunicashun #communicashun
by souzou trash September 27, 2015
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