A building made of concrete that reminds one of communist blocks from the U.S.S.R. Usually very unpleasant to the eye.
I can't believe they're still building commie blocks that look like they're out of Stalin's regime! We're in the 21st century!
by JFrosty December 17, 2010
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Serial hi-rise public housing, usually tall concrete building that has identical buildings around it built in a cluster. Invented by socialist governments to provide fast and cheap housing for its citizens. Most of them are in countries like Russia and China and provide the bulk of public housing. Rare in Western countries, but some of American "projects" are in fact commieblocks. Modern commieblocks are very clean, comfortable and prove to be excellent housing type with many advantages over urban sprawl.
Commieblocks are Mass Human Storage Devices (credit WH, SSC)
by sOmeOne (ssc) June 18, 2005

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