Created in 1990, Commander Keen is of the greatest MS-DOS games ever! You play as Billy Blaze, he wears a football helmet and has an IQ of 314. His task is to save the galaxy from evil. (He also rescued his babysitter)
Commander Keen is a classic. Someone should purchase the rights to the game and recreate it.
by Lumpytoast April 15, 2009
Top Definition
One of the best MS-DOS games to have ever existed. Everyone who plays this game loves it. Sadly, the Commander Keen series was never finished due to demand for other games like Doom, etc...
Everyone loves Commander Keen
by p00flake July 13, 2006
The leader of the gay pride parade.
"Hey, look at the commander Keen leading out front."
by Mike ddawson November 07, 2007

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