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similar to the term "coming out of the closet" but involves a person to tell their family about there attraction to dead bodies (aka) necrophilia. the term also means for a body to come out of the closet.
person 1: mum dad come here please.
mum: what is it?
person 1:i have a sexual attraction to dead people.
dad: hahah that's my boy coming out of the coffin i know a girl she is called "stiffney"
by kep john May 14, 2014
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'Coming out of the coffin' is a term used to describe the experience of a person, typically, but not always, a male who has previously been highly critical, who professes his undying love and admiration for all things Twilight. He publicly and proudly confesses that he has read the books, seen the movies, can answer any trivia question, wants to dress like Edward for Halloween (and any other holiday), and really wants to visit Forks, Washington on vacation.
He could no longer lie to his friends, and excuse his presence at yet another Twilight movie premier by blaming it on his girlfriend. He was coming out of the coffin.
by Lord Buff November 25, 2010

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