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Women's boots that are usually knee-high and patent leather, or any similar super-slutty style boots. worn to purposely look slutty or easy.
"I'm wearing my comefuckme boots out to the club tonight and I bet I can pull every man I see!"
by tizzy October 07, 2003
26 15
knee high stilettos or knee high lace up boots. often worn by hookers or sluts
she has 3 pairs of come fuck me boots!
by ally iz sexy November 17, 2005
85 26
to see a fine women and think you'd like to have those boots round your neck
she could come fuck me with those boots on!!!
by Darren Bichan May 30, 2003
9 6
Knee high boots worn by girls/women who want to be fucked, the boots are used as a communication tool to signal to men they wanna get banged ASAP.
Cyril - 'PWHOAR! Paul's sister was at the school gates earlier.'
Cecil - 'Was she wearing her ComeFuckMeBoots?
Cyril - 'Yep.'
Cecil - 'Oh SHIT! I missed her.'
by James_Dean_007 November 14, 2013
0 3
shoe's of bioligy teacher at seaford head
my god look at the comefuckmeboots in that shop
by fairy May 29, 2003
3 9
These are articles worn by a party not at all interested in fucking. They are warning lights: stay away -- too hot. Do not touch with a 10-inch penis. Et cet er a.
"She was wearing black fuck-me pumps"

She looked hot.

"The example doesn't use the word come fuck me boots"
by Xhrs December 06, 2006
23 62