To make it big, bubble.
When you just sold 5Ps of dank and got the money to fund ur shit properly ur on the comeup
by yanar October 26, 2004
To come up on something, like getting a shot bought for you or finding twenty bucks. Usually an exclamation, often said after a person mentions something that ended in their gain.
Shina: "I just found half a pack of cigarettes."
Dave: "Comeups!"
by TheDude,dude. December 03, 2010
elevation of self through gifted goods and/or experiences.
Thanks for the come up for Christmas, dad. I love my new Porsche!!
by Ellekaybe January 01, 2015
The feeling between consuming the drugs and peaking. The opposite of comedown.
The comeup for shrooms is like a really, really slow uphill rollercoaster.
by Humanwine November 10, 2010
ebonics for AWESOME, or anything that has to do with a positive action or thought
yesterday was a come up , i won a million dollars.
by BMDBDB May 12, 2008
The time from when you first take a drug, to when you reach the first peak of the trip/roll. Usually the first 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on what drug taken, and the person.
The come up with those rolls was pretty quick.

I always get sort of antsy on the come up with doses.
by lsdmdma69 May 24, 2010
to jack someone; to kill and rob someone
creepin' on a come-up
by snoop March 06, 2003
by TYVONS January 12, 2012

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