The feeling of complete control over a situation. Usually associated with a calm demeanor and furled brow.

Ginger felt completely combobulated as she mounted Mike in the red Pontiac.
by a pimp and his hoordinator April 05, 2009
Top Definition
adj. removed from a state of confusion
v. combobulate
antonym: discombobulated
Yo dogg, Mr. Dan really combobulates calculus! Fo shizzle D!
by the SpecialK & IllianJay September 18, 2004
Havng yuor stuff together; the opposite of "discombobulated"
I just did all my laundry and homework and tHeN I went went on Facebook for ten hours! I feel so COMBOBULATED today!!
by pointless.laugher February 17, 2009
To be combined in a chaotic and haphazard manner, similar to being cobbled together, but with more confusion and less care implied.
During the storm, the toilet and chickens were combobulated into a feather flushing custerfluck.
by tripp's left toe September 22, 2010
The period before the feeling of discombobulation.
"Darn, i feel quite discombobulated right now, i miss being combobulated."
by Dr. Sweeting and Prof. Cooper December 06, 2006
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