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The act of taking one for the team while in a combat zone. Kin to the standard "Wingman" just under different conditions. Conditions befitting the term "Combat Wingman" are as follows; Taking one for the team while deployed, Obstructing a potential cock blocking Betty to a point where you either have to fuck or fight the potential cock blocker.

Also Known As: Jumping on a hand grenade or Stepping on the land mine. Under the harshest conditions the term "Hugging The Nuke" may apply.
Jay: "Damn Phil, Brianna is hot and I would like to partake of her two lipped goodness..."
Phil: " Well what is stopping You?"
Jay: "Her square jawed room mate, she is always around and cock blocks at every chance"
Phil: "I'll step on this land mine for you little buddy"
Jay: "Wow, Phil you are my hero, a true Combat Wingman"
Phil: "That's right, now, if you'll excuse me, I have to Hug A Nuke"
by Hector Gnome June 06, 2007
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