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1. Students get over-worked to death

2. The food is shit

3. Middle school parents feel the need to watch their babies walk into the school building, making 97% of high schoolers late every fucking day

- "new" "more-efficient" 8:00 check in time also at fault

student 1: "I got to sleep for 5 entire hours last night."
student 2: "Not fucking fair man, I was up all night studying for physics"

student 1: "What's for lunch?"
student 2: "spicy lemongrass chicken with coconut infused rice"
student 3: "I thought we were having dragon tofu?"


faculty: "you all have detention- it's not my fault it takes you little spoilt columbus academy shits 20 minutes to drive up the driveway"
by the 8:00 check in October 08, 2013
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The Columbus Academy is the "premier" private school of Columbus, Ohio. It is cooler than CSG, because we are co-ed. (haha unis) The students there are all extremely amazing or hilarious, or they would not be admitted. (hint, hint people who aspire to be us)
Girl A: "My friend goes to Columbus Academy"

Girl B: "I wish I was there, and a viking, not some mythical creature."

Girl A: "Yeah...... they're lucky, their mascot exists!"
by ajealouscsggirl November 05, 2010
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