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a stubid gay ass whore who dont know how to treat girls.lieing son of a biacthhhh.

posted by jenni and ali C:
colten decker.
by jenni and ali August 13, 2008
146 194
See, Awesome
That is so Colten
by Disco Pat October 23, 2008
194 90
Colten is a name that is usually givin to a person who grows up to be a great, awesome, funny, nice, kind, sweet, caring, loving guy.
Person 1: Colten is such a GREAT guy
Person 2:I know right
by .:Zero:. July 04, 2011
163 65
One hell of a Funk Masta Flex that dont eva fake the funk with dime piece budunkadunk. Also a hella chill person that's good to highlight any party. if you want a good time get him crunk and watch that funk!!!
coltenfreaking sweet
by funkdizzler February 04, 2010
153 93
A wonderful guy that can make you smile when your upset. Someone that you can trust, handsome, talented, adorable and loving. Doesnt always share, but does once in awhile does. Always thinking of you. Amazing at anything, kind of lazy but fun to be around. Best guy to snuggle and just laze around with, doing nothing can be fun. Easy to fall in love with and most definatly someone to call mine.
"Colten." makes me feel loved.
by Xerath; December 18, 2011
33 4
A celestial being who doesn't understand, or believe, in his external and internal elegance.
No, that's not an Angel, nor God, it's Colten. :]
by Halie Kay February 27, 2007
145 120
A term used for those retarded and easily distracted folk.
I think my brother is a Colten.
by MIss Crichton July 06, 2008
120 164
person #1: whose that fag over there
person #2: oh thats colten
by i win more January 21, 2009
100 146