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concept of 'taking oneself out' after about age 50+ -after the mind (& body) becomes 'enfeebled'.

(lots of valid evidence of aging "quality of life" may be found in any "nursing" facility)

in these days of people losing all their retirement money, even if you're still lucky enough to maintain your 'gear', how good can quality of life be when you're eating beans and gruel?

the women are a bit luckier too, most have little use for sex. the males, however aren't so lucky; we get to go to the bitter end, burning in hell for sex......-though it DOES taper off a bit!!

any gun manufacturer will work, ie: glock retirement, etc...
i'm planning a nice smith & wesson retirement!

he got worn out trying to smile, and opted for a colt retirement
by michael foolsley January 15, 2011
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