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Slang for cocaine, popularized by the film Talladega Nights.
"Okay so here's the deal. I strapped a kilo of Colombian bambam under your car and called the men in blue. Now either you grow some hair on your peaches and run or get arrested."
by the broseph September 27, 2006

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A slang derogatory term used for crack cocaine, popularized by the film Talladega Nights. It is often snorted, or in Miley Cyrus's case, it is snorted off of a strippers bootay.
"NO, O'Bannion, you don't undersand, this isn't colombian bam bam on my nose, i was simply making your gay partner a cake."
by Grayson O'Bannon. December 25, 2008
N- Synonym for Cocaine.
The police were chasing Ricky Bobby because he had a kilo of Colombian Bam-Bam underneath his car.
by pastaboy62 July 26, 2008