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'dump' and 'load' are 'relatives' so, if i have to ejaculate, i could most certainly 'have a dump'!; just as i could 'leave my load by the side of the road'

-my friend loves to say "take a dump in her orifice!" -i find it fascinating that 'dump' rules in the world of shit; while 'load' is the supreme potentate of the spermatozoa world!!?? -perhaps 'load' has 2MM more connotations to liquid than 'dump' does??

-and while we're at it...why is a 'suck' called a 'blow'? -NEVERMIND!!, lets' get the 'skonk' out!!!
ty used a colloquial sibling and ended up 'jiving some minds"!

if daily existence is a 'word game' anyway, then let me have some colloquial sibling fun...
by michael foolsley February 01, 2010
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