Pretty much a dirty chug...
That reserve is full of Cole's
by Listerine_cole_chug June 02, 2011
a retarded mexican boy who believes everything on urban dictionary
Woah! hes acting like an idiot! What a Cole!
by coleballsinhismouth October 13, 2011
preston williams? yes? ya. well an invisible banana who beleives anything he hears
my brother is such a cole
by albert.derka69 October 27, 2011
a person with a shitty phone (droid bionic)
me: hows that shitty phone?
cole: fuck you asshole!
me: so hows you hand warmer, i mean phone.
by cole haga October 04, 2012
cole is a guy who will lead you on and break your heart. he's a big asshole, and he comes off as charming and then he will totally change and be a piece of shit dick. he always wants to show his abs off, he looks like a cock sucking fag and acts like one too. if you arent perfect, he wont like you. and if you dont give him what he wants, he wont like you. to prevent major heart break, dont talk, look, or think about cole.
person 1: this guy totally led me on and broke my heart.
person 2: It was cole huh?
person 1: yeah.
person 2: that gay son of a bitch.
by boysarefuckingstupid February 21, 2011
Can not control the volume of his voice
Get the message?!!!!!!!!!?
by woo-ton January 16, 2004
Cole is a freaking jerk! He will break your heart into a million pieces! He can be the most perfect angel one minute and then the worst person in the world! And he also lies constantly! Stay away from him.
What's wrong with you? Oh, let me guess. It was that Cole guy.
by smileyone72196 July 27, 2010

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