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The act of being sucker punched by someone.
I left the bar around 4 am and when I staggered around the corner into the alley this guy cold cocked me with a punch to the face. I never saw it coming.
by Footfighter22 March 02, 2008
When you suddenly realize the dildo is not sufficiently warmed.
hey honey, make sure you warm our little friend this time, I don't want to get cold cocked again!
by sarcasma mockarena January 16, 2010
Basically when your the "3rd wheel" while others are having sexual encounters. Your penis is neglected for the night just as the same as the coldshoulder.
Ex.1 Guy 1: Hey how was your weekend?
Guy 2: Pretty bad, got coldcocked like a mother
Guy 1: Ouch.

Ex.2 Guy 1: Theres only 2 girls and 3 guys here
Guy 2: Looks like someone is getting coldcocked tonight!
by anonymous June 05, 2006
cold cocked (verb) The state of having been blown by someone with a mouth full of ice.
I was cold cocked last night.
She put me on my back and cold cocked me.

by Lloyd Winburn April 28, 2007
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