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a couple who are completely annoying and have broken up mulitple times, but gotten back together within an hour of the break up. The male figure here, (if you can call him a male), is Colby, who thinks that he is a badass motherfucker. He is one of those people who will say the overused phrase: Your mom to anything, (If you do not know what "your mom" is, then look it up on this site. I am sure that you will find plenty of entries on it). He also snowboards, which is not a bad thing unless you try and hit everything possible, don't make it half of the time, and brag about things that he makes up. Colby is a Cal Butler for lack of any other words to use. If you also do not know the definition for a "Cal Butler" look it up. You will not find as many entries, but it will clarify for you exactly what a Cal Butler is.
Colby sucks a giant cock and chokes on his roomate's shit
by woweeee February 23, 2005

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