A group of cocaine users.

They are usually found huddled around a coffee table with a top made of glass cutting lines or dbsls with razor blades, credits cards or driver's licenses.
I could tell from the sniffling when I walked in the door that this party had already started for the cokeheads.
by Denis Baldwin February 03, 2004
Before they get home---

A cokehead is the kind of person that doesnt give a flying fuck about anyone but themselves and theyre own needs.
A cokehead will tell theyre partner that theyre going out for a romantic dinner and wind up completly skipping those plans and take them out to a bar where the whole night all the cokehead does is go to the bathroom 20 times and commence to snort coke. And when theyre not snorting coke theyre provoking fights ,drinking jager and captain morgan.

After they get home---

When the cokehead finally gets tired of this they retire back to theyre house where they either find something small that happened and start blowing up about it e.g. throwing things, beating wife,screaming at kids ....that sort of thing.Or they decide that theyre tired of home too and tear off in theyre car to find more coke

This procedure goes on and on until someone has the balls to have an intervention

I don't candy coat things i show them for what they really are.

I Am The Real Webster...Truth hurts
Guy 1:Did you see that guy over there?

Guy 2:Oh that guy who went to the bathroom like 20 times? Yeah dont think theres something wrong he's just a cokehead

Guy 1: Oh that sucks
#coke #cocaine #cokehead #dickhead #lil bitch #cocaine addict #cocanut
by The Real Webster...Truth hurts February 12, 2010
If coca-cola and "Head and Shoulders" would ever merge, this is what the company would be called.
"Coca-Cola" and "Head and Shoulders" announced today they are joining forces. The new company will be called "Cokehead#"
by John Doe May 08, 2003
someone whom becomes depentant upon cocaine without any remorse for the people who really care for them
i really cared for cody at one time but now all he is about is coke now i can say that he is a total cokehead
#druggie #waste of flesh #simple mided baka #someone who is a real dumbass #a idiot
by Kagome_1274 July 27, 2006
a person who snorks coke, mark quieffer.
wow, mark sure is a cokehead
#coke head #coke #cocain #drugs #drug dealers #illegal
by amanda123 July 03, 2013
see Kevin McSwiggan of Glendora NJ
Kev has baby momma drama but he deserves it because he is a coke head
#loser #tool #fuck up #junkie #fein
by LATE101@aol.com February 28, 2007
A term used when your roomate named Jessica V. steals your shoes for profit
Jessica V is a cokehead
by Precious April 29, 2003
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