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A) one who drinks coffee to the point of excess.
B) amateur connoisseur and/or coffee lover.
C) heavy coffee drinker of Canadian descent.

Origins: Derives from the root word Hoser; central and eastern Canada; northeastern United States. Originally a derogatory term to connote someone as a lush for beer in particular. Developed into a slang, jovial term for a Canadian person based on the stereotype that Canadians drink too much beer.

“I pounded two pots of coffee before I came to work today; I am such a coffeehoser.”

-Coffeehoser: “Take off you knob! Stay away from my f***ing coffee! Coffeehoser’s need it to play superior hockey, create burgeoning pop stars, classic comedians, repulse the cold, and little else.”
-Co-worker: Time for a care-frontation, addict!
by Big Cal October 05, 2007
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