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A religion created for the coffeeholics that love to drink coffee every day and be hyper! Coffeeholicanism was created the summer of 09 by two alaskans nicknamed "Latte" and "Priest".

Rules Of Coffeeholicanism::
1. Must drink coffee daily. (All missed days must be made up for)
2. Must accept coffee in all forms. (ex: plain, flavored, mocha..etc.)
3. Must not limit times for drinking coffee. (You can drink coffee at lunch or even 1am)
4. Decaf is a joke. 'nuff said.

**Note coffeeholicanism is not a real religion but to be taken as a joke :)
Person 1:"Hooray for coffee!!!! I drink coffee everyday!"
Person 2: "Really? You must practice coffeeholicanism.."
Person 1: *Bounces off wall* "Yuuuup! How did you know??"
by MissLatte August 06, 2009
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