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the effect u get after u drank too much coffee to wake yourself up(usually when studying to a test or when u feel u're falling asleep at work,common with workohollics)
Symptoms: Fast reactions,Fuzzy vision,shaking hands,talking to yourself,need more coffee,insomnia for one night at least,neasuea,farts in public,smell of urine from the mouth-----actually all those symptomes r the things u try to prevent by getting "coffee drunk"...
"HHemmm---Benny... why the fuck r u humping your monitor?..and what the fuck is that smell...?"

----awkward silence...-----

"I don't know brow-----I must be coffee drunk!---can u bring me some more coffee,please? i think i'm going out of focus here..."
by Benny D1 May 01, 2007
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