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Some one who engages in the practice of 'rim dicking' of a coffee pot. ('rim dick' is defined as to take the "tip of your dick and rub it around the rim of someones beverage or drink. Most commonly done on a coffee pot.")

Commonly associated with male moon-bat types.
Coffee bagger Seth could not abide the NRA logo on his boss's coffee mug, so he rim dicked it when no one was looking. Unfortunately, the mug was full of steaming hot McDonald's coffee, and Seth got burnt!
by towhee February 28, 2010
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Liberal-left female activists who like to meet up to give each other coffee enemas. (search 'coffee enema' on youtube for more info).

'Colonics' advocates hail the coffee enema as a cure for everything from bad mood to belly fat, but actual doctors advise against it.
"My wife unknowingly invited over six coffeebaggers from the teachers' union when I was out of town. We had to tear out and replace all of our carpeting."
by towhee March 01, 2010
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