when you have a girl all over you and you dont like her, it gets the girl off of you.
you have a girl on you touching you. You don't like her. You then simply state to your friend "code D". He then walks away a small distance, and says "hey (Justin) i need to talk to you". you then proceed to persue a conversation with your friend, away from the girl. you fake a conversation, and when you return, you choose a different place to sit. This place to sit is away from the girl that was all over you, you can use this trick multiple times.
by Justin. June 17, 2006
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To make a fool of oneself; To act awkwardly in a situation; To make an annoying comment; To suck at life
Shanequa: (make really awkward comment that doesn't fit the situation at hand)
L'vonne: Yo Shanequa you totally just coded.
by Dqwone May 03, 2008
1. too much Call Of Duty, to a point of adverse physical and/or mental consequence
2. Play too much call if duty
I learned the importance of regular breaks from play, after I C OD'ed and couldn't play anymore.; it felt like a hangover the day after I C OD'ed.
by ibevsop February 06, 2011

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