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1. When someone fails after trying to do something last minute.
2. An error that is more frustrating than a BSOD( even when you loose all of your work because of the BSOD ).

The word comes from the error that the war-europe site gave you after you tried to log in. The error took so long to fix and got so many people pissed off that the official "Account servers are live" topic got more than 150 pages within a day. "We told you so" was what most of them said or suggested, GOA tried to get the accounts page up ON the day of beta, instead of weeks ( or days ) before. It was a big phail, obviously.
1. You still haven't prepared for that test!? I smell a code 414 around here...

2. Boss... our servers got a 414... */fired*
by Grumphy September 08, 2008
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