Noun, pronounced "Cod" blocker

Any person or thing that keeps you or someone else from playing countless hours of Call of Duty online.

T: Dude, you said you were going to get online and play some Call of Duty with me! These insurgents are going to kill themselves. What's the deal?

K: Sorry dude, I was, really. It's just my girl-friend, she's all "you need to spend some time with me." and crap. I just can't do it right now.

T: What?! She's being like that? Dude she's a total C.O.D. blocker!
by Almost Dangerous February 08, 2010
Top Definition
when your girl friend gives u guilt trips when u want to cod4 it up
dan: babe im almost to the fifth prestige
jisoo: get a fucking life.. you dont even want to talk to me do you??!!!!1111!
dan: DO WORK.....CLICK
dan(says to self)- what a cod blocker
by DaNN CaNT BxR !! November 20, 2008
Derived from the term COD or Call of Duty

Used for someone who wants to do something other than play COD, when all you want to do is play.
Jim: I cant wait to play COD tonight
Bob: Oh dude lets go see a movie instead
Jim: Dammit Bob! You CODblocker!
by Ripped McMuscles January 27, 2011
Someone who gets in the way of someone hitting on/trying to get a number/trying to get some, to the point where anything the person was trying to do has been screwed up.
Larry and Tom are best friends.
Tom likes Lucy.
Tom:Hey Lucy, wanna go out tonight, maybe catch a movie?
Lucy:Sure. I'd love to see a movie.
Tom gets excited. Larry walks up.
Larry:Hey Tom, remember that time you got poo shoved in your face at James's camp..etc?
Tom:Ugh, yeah. Uh, Larry.. wanna go away?
Larry: Dude, what the hell's your problem? What you like this chick or something?
Lucy:Actually I made plans with Lauren, sorry, maybe some other time.

Tom:Larry, you fkn codblocker. I hate you.
by Rhianna Miller January 07, 2008

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