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when your girl friend gives u guilt trips when u want to cod4 it up
dan: babe im almost to the fifth prestige
jisoo: get a fucking life.. you dont even want to talk to me do you??!!!!1111!
dan: DO WORK.....CLICK
dan(says to self)- what a cod blocker
by DaNN CaNT BxR !! November 20, 2008
16 6
Noun, pronounced "Cod" blocker

Any person or thing that keeps you or someone else from playing countless hours of Call of Duty online.

T: Dude, you said you were going to get online and play some Call of Duty with me! These insurgents are going to kill themselves. What's the deal?

K: Sorry dude, I was, really. It's just my girl-friend, she's all "you need to spend some time with me." and crap. I just can't do it right now.

T: What?! She's being like that? Dude she's a total C.O.D. blocker!
by Almost Dangerous February 08, 2010
2 0
Derived from the term COD or Call of Duty

Used for someone who wants to do something other than play COD, when all you want to do is play.
Jim: I cant wait to play COD tonight
Bob: Oh dude lets go see a movie instead
Jim: Dammit Bob! You CODblocker!
by Ripped McMuscles January 27, 2011
0 2
Someone who gets in the way of someone hitting on/trying to get a number/trying to get some, to the point where anything the person was trying to do has been screwed up.
Larry and Tom are best friends.
Tom likes Lucy.
Tom:Hey Lucy, wanna go out tonight, maybe catch a movie?
Lucy:Sure. I'd love to see a movie.
Tom gets excited. Larry walks up.
Larry:Hey Tom, remember that time you got poo shoved in your face at James's camp..etc?
Tom:Ugh, yeah. Uh, Larry.. wanna go away?
Larry: Dude, what the hell's your problem? What you like this chick or something?
Lucy:Actually I made plans with Lauren, sorry, maybe some other time.

Tom:Larry, you fkn codblocker. I hate you.
by Rhianna Miller January 07, 2008
2 13