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The result of a haircut in Great Clips. It usually ends up looking like a complete bowl cut which resembles a coconut.
Conner Schrader always has a coconut head by the time he exits Great Clips.
by hottestbitchtowalktheearth5 July 18, 2011
Someone who is zany, silly, kooky.
My best buddy and I are a couple of coconut heads
by Lydia M. May 20, 2005
A round shaped cranium resembling a hairy dome,void of contents.
Brainless people, only space exsisting between the ears, surrounded by a coconut shell.
someone usually of black ethnicity with a very coconut looking head, usually if balled, the head will look like a dark shiny oval a lot like a coconut
wtf Jerome! lol, you got a coconut head!
by eiofjhewfrewl August 04, 2008
A creature which is half human, half coconut.
Andy C is an example of a coconut head. =D
by JGibbins September 17, 2007
Pertaining to someone who cleanses their cranium with shampoo with the horrible aroma of coconuts.
My sister, Alex, is a freakin' coconut head.
by Kit D. Kat January 30, 2007
My grandson, Bricen, whose head looks like a fuzzy coconut.
His head is hard and fuzzy like a coconut.
by Pappy December 06, 2003