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refers to people, dude or bitch, who suck cock the way a vampire sucks blood, like they need it to live.
Chris is a cockvampire.
by Demon Phoenix 1337 February 27, 2004
23 7
A person who absolutely loves to suck cock, and drink the semen after. Usually close to nymphomania in their obsession.
'Suzie's such a cock vampire. She got me three times last night and then went to Joe's house.'
by Nayban October 31, 2005
46 5
The phase after you lose your virginity and all you want is the D.
My puss just got penetrated and now i'm livin that cock vampire life.
Ever since I lost my virginity im so thirsty for some penis. You can call me a cock vampire.
by cinnamon tits February 28, 2014
0 0
One who pursues cock at all costs when the moon comes out. This pursuit usually ends with the sucking off the life juice (semen) out of a person resulting in absolute shame.
M-OH.....MY....GODDD! WhHHATT is thaat???

E-LOL it's silvia the cock vampire, shes off to vampirize some cocks.

M-What a fat silly cunt...

E-I better run now...

M-May the force be with you.
by Obi Wan KeNOOBi November 03, 2006
11 26
A term invented by internet trolls on sites like ED to describe a female who only craves "teh cock" of her desired mate and who's only desire is to have sex.
"Mariana's waifu is such a Cock Vampire"
by werebelushi September 20, 2012
2 20